Tivoli Beer Helles Lager
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Tivoli Beer Helles Lager

September 2016 Beer of the Month

Made with all German ingredients and brewed right here in Denver, Tivoli is a true re-creation of the beer first made over a century ago. The final Tivoli Brewmaster, who last brewed Tivoli in 1969, participated in this historic re-creation.

Every batch of Tivoli is produced with only malt, hops and yeast shipped from Bavaria.

Tivoli beer is fermented with yeast from the Andechs Monastery located south of Munich. Very few breweries in the world, let alone the United States, have access to this ancient strain of Bavarian brewing yeast.

This unique Malt, which benefits from the ancient Bavarian acidulation techniques, is very rare to US brewers. From this process, the malt delivers its smooth Bavarian flavor.

The combination of using a historic copper system brought over from Bavaria and the ancient decoction brewing process delivers the “One of a Kind” Tivoli Beer malt flavor.

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